Coach Chot Reyes

On Leading High-Performing Teams (now Online)

Discipline, teamwork, and mental toughness, all on top of excellent skills - it's no wonder that businesses look to the field of sports as a model in building leaders and teams. Get the chance to be mentored by one of the country's most respected sports and business coaches, Chot Reyes. In this online mentorship class, learn what's behind his 'PUSO' philosophy, and how it has fueled teams and companies to win against the odds.

Coach Chot Reyes is the man responsible for making 'PUSO' (HEART) the national battlecry, when as Head Coach of Gilas Pilipinas, he led the country's national team to its first Basketball World Cup stint in 40 years in 2014.

But there is more to Chot than just being a basketball coach.

Chot Reyes is a Certified ICP-ACC AGILE Management Team Coach, Certified International SCRUM Institute SCRUM Coach, Certified John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach and Licensed John Maxwell Team-Builder. He is the former President and CEO of TV5 Network, Inc. He is an experienced turn-around leader with a demonstrated track record of successful change management. In his most recent role as CEO of TV5, he engineered the digital pivot and cultural transformation that had the network enjoying its best 3-year financial performance in company history until his retirement.

Becoming A Holistic Leader

Learn what makes well-rounded leaders, guided by Coach Chot’s HEART framework

The Secrets Of Winning Teams

Great individual players do not necessarily make champion teams. Learn how trust and excellence are built in teams. 

The Leader As A Coach

How can business leaders bring out the best in their people? How do you approach an all-star team versus one that needs a turn-around? Coach Chot will share styles that you can apply. 

This mentorship class will be be 100% online. The experience includes:

  • Three 2-hour weekly sessions (Saturdays, from 9 AM to 11AM), instead of a single full day. This gives you the chance to apply some of the lessons of the session into your job, and come back the following week with more insights.

  • Actual homework - things to work on throughout the week, to be processed the next online session. 

  • Lots of group work. This is key to the success of the class. You’ll exchange ideas with the rest of the fellows and in smaller, breakout groups. 

  • A post-event check-in session with the mentor after 1 month, to discuss progress and set you up for success 



  • How to be a holistic leader, guided by Coach Chot’s HEART framework: Health, Emotional Intelligence,  Agility, Resilience, and Team

  • Team development with a difference: How to build trust within your team, the role of vulnerability and emotional resilience, and feedback methods

  • An inside look at how winning teams work. What are the intangibles that every winning team has?

  • The Fundamentals of Coaching:  How can business leaders bring out the best in their people? Learn different coaching styles, whether you’re leading an all-star team or one that is in need of a turnaround. 


What is the ALPHA Program?

The ALPHA Program is a series of learning sessions featuring some of the most experienced and accomplished personalities across different fields. It combines in-class learning and mentorship, where enrolled fellows will not only learn theories and frameworks on their chosen subject matter, but also from the personal journeys and philosophies of their mentors.

Each class will only have 30-40 fellows, to encourage deeper dialogue and interaction.

How is it different from other seminars or masterclasses with the same subject matter?

The ALPHA Program is not your typical seminar or workshop. The focus is not on theories or textbook lectures, but more on learning from each mentor’s experience and worldviews on the subject matter, distilled into one session. We ask our mentors the question, if this will be the last class will teach, what would you like to impart?

But learning does not just happen from the top down. By keeping each class small, we encourage open conversations between the fellows and the mentors, as so much can be learned by building upon or challenging each other’s ideas. One of our goals for ALPHA is to start a community of leaders, doers, and lifelong learners, whose ties will last beyond the program.

What time commitment is required?

The highlight is the one-day face-to-face session with the mentor. Prior to that, we will be sending some preliminary reading materials a week in advance, to prime you for the session.

This 2020, we also launched our 1st Online Mentorship class. For online mentorship, the format is three 2-hour sessions, happening every 9 AM to 11AM (3 Saturdays). Homework will also be given during the week.

Can I join more than one class?

Yes, you can. Each class happens on a different day, so you’re more than welcome to join more than one. We also offer discounts (Php 3,000 off) , should you like to join two or more classes.

How do I join and how much is the investment?

Simply go to each mentor’s page, click APPLY NOW, and fill in your details. You will be receiving an email from your mentor, with 3 short questions that you need to answer. These questions are related to the subject matter, and will help the mentor get to know you better – this is important as we keep our classes small. Should we exceed the maximum required for each class, the mentors will select the participants joining the roster.

After that, you will receive an email notice regarding your application, including the next steps in confirming your slot.

Our early bird rate is at Php 9,500, while regular rate is at Php 14,500. Discounts are available for joining more than one class.

For help in signing up, email us at

Where will the classes be held?

Except for the online class, classes will be held at 19th Floor, Cyber Sigma Building, Old Lawton Ave., Fort Bonifacio, McKinley West, Taguig City 1634, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The online class will be done via Zoom, and you can log on to it anywhere, using your mobile or desktop.




Maximum of 35 carefully-selected fellows under each class to encourage deeper dialogue and interaction


Lectures are curated by industry icons. Learn new perspectives and worldviews from mentors.


Discuss, debate, understand various ways of thinking from fellow lifelong learners

1. Leaders

Senior Managers,  Current Leaders and high-performing individuals, looking for more growth. If you are known in your organization as the problem-solver, we offer an opportunity to expand not just your expertise but to be trained by mentors who have made a real impact in their industries.

2. Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

If you are building your own business, forming a great team is as important as your business strategy. Attend this class to learn how great teams are made, motivated, and sustained 

3. Sports Coaches Are Welcome, Too!

Anyone leading a team - whether in business, sports, non-profit, or at any setting - are welcome to join. It would make for a more diverse discussion, too. 


Take 2 classes and SAVE Php3,000 on your second class
Rates are subject to 12% VAT

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Apply for your chosen Mentor

Answer questions sent to you by your Mentor.

Wait for the Mentor's approval if you made it to his/her class.



ALPHA students are carefully selected by each Mentor for their respective classes. To apply for a class, register below and wait for further instructions.